Welcome to the Chair of Plant Systems Biology

Welcome to the website of the Chair of Plant Systems Biology at the School of Life Sciences of the Technische Universität München.
By combining molecular, genetic, and cell biological approaches with functional genomics and proteomics, we are examining fundamental processes in plant development.

The group of Prof. Dr. Claus Schwechheimer is interested in signal transduction processes in the plant model species Arabidopsis thaliana. Specifically, they analyse processes regulated by the plant hormone gibberellin and the role of auxin transport-regulatory protein kinases.

Claus Schwechheimer is speaker of the DFG-funded research network Sonderforschungsbereich 924 (SFB924) “Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation Yield and Yield Stability in Plants”.

Claus Schwechheimer is also part of the Management committee of the EU COST Action PROTEOSTASIS.

The independent group of PD Dr. Ulrich Z. Hammes uses cell biological and physiological methods to examine amino acid and auxin transport in plants.

The independent group of Dr. Philipp Denninger will start at the Chair in July 2019. Dr. Denninger is interested in how cells grow in a polar manner. Especially, the association of proteins with the plasma membrane to establish and maintain cell polarity is investigated using cell biological, biochemical and microscopy techniques. 

Erika Isono was Independent Group Leader at the Chair until December 2016. Erika Isono is now Chair for Plant Physiology and Biochemistry at the University of Constance. Webpage

Pascal Falter-Braun was Independent Group Leader at the Chair until January 2017. Pascal Falter-Braun is now Chair for Microbe-Host Interactions at the Ludwig-Maximillians-University Munich and Director of the Institute for Network Biology at the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich. Webpage


More information on our work and the team can be found on the following pages.
We have positions available for those who are interested in conducting a practical training, in performing a Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. thesis or in performing postdoctoral research. Please contact:

Prof. Dr. Claus Schwechheimer

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