CV Prof. Dr. Claus Schwechheimer

<strong>July/Aug.&nbsp;2015</strong> Guest Professor Tel Aviv University, Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants, Tel Aviv (Israel)
<strong>seit&nbsp;Juli&nbsp;2011</strong> Coordinator of the SFB924 "Molecular Mechanism of Regulation Yield and Yield Stability in Plants."
<strong>seit&nbsp;Sept.&nbsp;2008</strong> Head of the Department of Plant Systems Biology, Technische Universität München (D)
<strong>2011&nbsp;-&nbsp;2008</strong> Research group leader, Center of Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP), Tübingen (D)
<strong>1998&nbsp;-&nbsp;2001</strong> Postdoctoral researcher, Yale University, New Haven, CT (USA)
<strong>1994&nbsp;-&nbsp;1998</strong> Ph.D., John Innes Centre, Norwich (UK)
<strong>1991&nbsp;-&nbsp;1994</strong> Undergraduate studies Biotechnology, École Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg, Strasbourg (F)
<strong>1989&nbsp;-&nbsp;1991</strong> Undergraduate studies Biology, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg (D)